The Vitiligo Association of Australia hosted the Camouflage Workshop online this year. The
workshops were held over two days on 25th July and 1st August 2020. We had camouflage
experts locally and internationally speak to us including Joanna Blair from the School of
Makeup in Australia, Julie Buckley from Colourderma Solutions and Hair and Vanessa Jane
Davies from the Skin Camouflage Services in London. We also had company representatives
including Polly Gotschi from Oxygenetix, Rae Denman from Veil, Rajja Richani from Kryolan
and finally Michelle Weaich who is a nurse from the Skin Hospital in Darlinghurst, spoke to
us about Zanderm. We are very grateful from all the speakers of the event who have shared
their expertise and knowledge and a special thanks to Cameron who shared his story of
vitiligo and camouflage on the night.

There were wonderful discussions and members were able to learn about the history of
camouflage, camouflage products available, tips and tricks and the opportunity to ask
experts questions. There was a strong message throughout the workshop that camouflage is
all about empowering patients and provide the choice to anyone who would like to conceal
their vitiligo areas. What matters most is for patients to feel comfortable and beautiful in
their own skin. We look forward to continuing the VAA Camouflage Workshop next year so
please do join us.