Support for children

Would you like to be a part of a support group for children with vitiligo?

When I was a child, resources and access to support simply did not exist for kids with vitiligo.

The Vitiligo Association of Australia is ready to change this. My name is Lauren and I have dedicated my career to working with children through entertainment, play therapy and educational theatre.

I also have vitiligo.

It’s time we join forces and create a support network for kids with vitiligo.

Would you like to take part and share your ideas? I’d love to hear from you. To kick start this movement, my partner Anthony and I have used our platform, Story Surprise, to create an episode dedicated to unique kids! A huge thank you to Danielle Wheeler and Nick Davio for granting us permission to use their resources to bring this episode to life. The book and song ‘I’ve got Spots’ was featured in the Story Surprise episode! Enjoy!

Instagram – The Lauren and Anthony Gram  

YouTube – The Lauren and Anthony Tube

If you would like to chat about bringing the support group for kids to life, please contact me at and we can get the ball rolling! 

Lauren Jimmieson